Still learning….

Good morning(12:54 am) my time, day 2 of having a blog(Am I officially a blogger? Laughing to myself). Well yesterday was lazy Sunday and outside of doing normal lazy Sunday stuff, I once again spent the entire day asking myself what am I doing with my life? Why haven’t I accomplished anything? We are our own worst critics sometimes, before we act on our wildest and craziest ideas we shoot them down and say “No, that’s not going to work and nobody will take me seriously.” This is something I constantly tell myself but this one time I decided that I wasn’t going to listen to that voice in my head and that’s why I decided to do this blog and hence the name, Be brave for today. I figure if me writing on this blog at least once a day is me gaining a little confidence and courage then why not? I’m a stay-home mom who’s a veteran that suffers from depression, PTSD and insomnia. I often look at my enviornment and say “Why am I not successful?”, “I don’t have any talent”, “I’m not creative” and yes lazy and master procrastinator(Please look up the master procrastinator TED talk Tim Urban, it’s hilarious). For goodness sakes it’s 2019 and who doesn’t have a Youtube channel or an Instagram with a massive following and everyone is always selling and saying the samething. But then you have to ask yourself is this what’s successful in 2019? What do you consider success? That question can have many different answers depending on you are asking. I’m not even sure how to answer that question anymore. Look at the most successful people in the world Robin Williams, Kate Spade, Michael Jackson, Anthony Bourdain……from the outside these people were wildly successful but still were’nt happy. Then also is there a time frame on success? Do you have to have it all by age 25 or 30? There is success after 40 right? I’ve read those stories plenty of times. But I always end up back at the same question, what am I doing? Okay guys, I think I’m done for now. This write was a little all over the place. Feel free to comment? Do you procrastinate? What’s your version of success? Is there a timeframe? A few questions for thought.

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