I did it!

Okay I’m keeping this one very short and happy guys. Today I had my swim class with my instructor and usually I wear a flotation belt in the water to help me swim and stay afloat but today…..no help! And guess what?! I swam! I know you’re probably thinking, big deal! But for me this is major, I’ve only taken 3 swimming lessons and I did it! Now I won’t get to ahead of myself because even I swam back and forth in the pool twice(YMCA pool) I wouldn’t call myself the second coming of Phelps here lol. But the reason why I am so happy is because I accomplished something, I saw it through. I didn’t let the depression get to me, I didn’t let the anxiety get to me and even though it’s tough to get going in the morning and make it to that class…..I push myself to do it every week and even when I don’t have my swim class I push myself to go to practice on my own. The feeling over swimming physically is exhausting but mentally to know that you have gotten over that fear and you’re doing it is something so fulfilling and besides once your feet can no longer touch the bottom of the pool you have no choice right? So it’s literally sink or swim! Now I can’t wait to get back to pool and to keep practicing…..one day at a time…..sink or swim…..today I swam. What goal have you accomplished? big or small doesn’t matter……we can do it yall!

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