So I wasn’t going to write anything tonight but I just needed to write after today’s events in New Zealand. This is not a political write, this is a write from my broken heart and broken soul. Every time something like this happens I just go numb and I just sit around and think about the hurt and pain of the families and think of the last moments of the victims. Think about how they were going about their normal lives and doing normal things when some evil monster decided they were going to play God. I just cannot understand how you can hate someone so much just based on their faith? Whether you believe in God or not in why is it okay to kill or hurt someone because they don’t pray like you? Or they don’t believe in what you believe in? No, we will all get along but it’s beyond disbelief that your religion will get you murdered, especially in a house of worship. I am really at a lost for words tonight because I just don’t know what else to write. This isn’t right and it isn’t fair and there’s no excuse…..there isn’t! There is no excuse to kill someone for their faith, color of their skin, wearing a hijab or what language they speak. Hate will never win, love will always drown out the evilness of this world. There’s a lot more love to go around and this along with any other acts of evilness will never stop people from living their lives. It will not stop people from believing in who or whatever what they want to believe in…..that’s not how this world operates and I’m happy it doesn’t. Love more, hug more and be at peace more. We are with you New Zealand, WE LOVE YOU……I LOVE YOU ALL.

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