Why don’t you just…..

If you know or are dealing with some mental health issues how does it feel when someone says “Well, why don’t you just?….” And that applies to just anything that you may be dealing with. Yes somethings can just be given suggestions and well somethings not, especially mental health. If it was that easy then nobody would have problems, no suicides, attempted suicides and other things of harm. So tonight while getting ready for bed I totally forgot that I didn’t have anymore sleeping pills and I already had my pj’s on but I immediately changed and got ready to hit up 24hr Walgreen’s. My fiance blurted out “Well won’t do you try to sleep without your pill?” And I just looked at him and said “You’re lucky, and you don’t get it.” He can fall asleep within seconds of his head hitting a pillow. And I told him he was blessed because he doesn’t have any problems like that, he still doesn’t get it. And then I started thinking this is how the world looks at people with mental health issues. If you look healthy then you must be healthy right? It’s such bullshit(excuse my language), try telling that to Robin Williams, Alexander McQueen, Lee Thompson Young, and all the other un-famous people from around the world. I mean for goodness sake Michael Jackson had to take an IV drip just to sleep! It is absolutely insensitive to say to someone well why don’t you try this… You might consider it an innocent suggestion but if you don’t understand what that person is battling it’s best not to say anything. I already knew that if I did try to go cold turkey that it would lead me to staying up until morning and being absolutely exhausted tomorrow and I already knew that would be a disaster. But more importantly nobody likes to stay awake all night, night after night with their mind racing while they’re laying in the dark. And nobody likes to be dependent on something just to function. It’s like asking my child who is on the spectrum to stop having the ticks because sometimes that what children and adults suffer from. I know she can’t do anything about them and that’s just the way it is but unfortunately my mom who doesn’t and refuses to understand what my child suffers just doesn’t get it. My mother is unfortunately in denial about a lot of things especially when it has to do with her first born grandchild. It’s like suffering from anxiety and sometimes people may view that as being dramatic or sensitive but unless you know personally how it feels then you can never understand how you can be going about your daily functions and all of a sudden you get this overwhelming feeling something is wrong and your heart is racing and your sweating and you can’t breathe and then you start to cry and absolutely freak out and anybody that is around you can’t even comprehend what you are feeling at that exact moment…..it sucks. Being viewed as being lazy because sometimes your depression is so strong that it takes all of your energy to get out of bed everyday and just getting out of bed and brushing your teeth and getting dressed is a major accomplishment considering what you’re battling daily. Everyday you’re battling your inner demons and the outside world and how they view you. Always try to ignore the noise and just keep fighting……

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