Life goes on……

Well it’s been a minute…….clearly I am not consistent with this or anything…..I’m working on that. There’s been so much going on so I’ll just start with the title of this write. Sometimes as we grow we lose touch of our friends and acquaintances and we just get so busy and caught up in our own lives and we assume the same of those that we have lost touch with. And then in one brief moment when you think of those people and you decide to look them up only to learn that they have passed on. In my old life with my old circle of friends we were all pretty close and then relationships, kids, new duty stations and retirements or just it was time to say goodbye to the military and move on with the next part of your life and well…..things changed. I think we all just forgot to call or text or email to send a simple hello. I looked up an old friend and was totally shocked to learn that he passed away many years ago, I’m still in kind of like a state of shock because we hadn’t talk to each other in a while but I remember our last conversation as a good one and he filled me in what was going on in his and his boyfriend’s lives and the time and how they just couldn’t wait to get married and they were just waiting for same-sex marriage to become legal and I was so happy to hear that things were going well and hoping and praying that they could make their love official with the wedding and marriage that they so desperately wanted. I remember we always to joke with each other because we had the same birthday and we were the same age and I just cannot wrap my head around the fact that he is no longer here. I know life does go on and people pass on but sometimes it’s hard not to feel guilt because to know someone that you were once friends with passed away and it’s been years since their death makes you feel like a shitty person because all this time passed and you didn’t check to see how they were doing and how their life was going because you were just consumed in your own life. Realizing I need to become a better person, a better friend just better all the way around because it’s just the right thing to do. Sometimes it’s okay to call and say hello even if you don’t want to because you don’t what to say, I have that problem often. Call, text, email, Facebook or whatever even if you don’t want to because you wait too long and it just might be too late guys. Love more often, say hello more often!

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